Women Suffering from Infertility go for Acupuncture to get Pregnant

acupuncture-fertilityA close relationship exists between acupuncture and infertility. One great benefit that acupuncture can provide people suffering from infertility is the ability to reduce stress, enabling their bodies to regain its natural inner balance.

Other benefits that acupuncture can provide you include a relaxed body, a calm mind and a sense of well-being.

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is one of the oldest medical practices known to man. It is over 4,000 years old and is one of a number of modalities comprising Chinese medicine. This treatment is founded on the theory of energy circulating along vessels known as meridians. The main objective of acupuncture is to bring back the unimpeded circulation of energy or qi in the body.

Despite being unable to observe this energy circulation in the body, modern Western medical science nevertheless can demonstrate acupuncture’s ability to stimulate the release of certain neurotransmitters and hormones and boost blood flow that help in the body’s self healing.

The Advantages of Using Acupuncture for Treatment of Infertility

The aim of acupuncture infertility treatment is to restore the body’s natural reproductive rhythm to help make the person fertile enough to be able to conceive.  One of the biggest reasons for infertility is stress. The stress may be emotional or physical in nature. The flow of hormones is affected by stress and when the hormones are out of balance, infertility often ensues.  The body tends to regulate itself (including the hormones) once the stress is reduced or removed. Long term or chronic stress can cause chronic conditions that often lead to infertility.

Using a holistic approach is very helpful in boosting the effects of conventional medical infertility treatment such as IVF and other hormonal supplements and medications designed to treat infertility.

Searching for an Acupuncturist who Specialize in Infertility Treatment

There are a lot of acupuncturists who specialize in treating fertility issues.  Acupuncture in general can help treat hormonal imbalances and poor blood flow that may be causing infertility, but it requires specialized knowledge to resolve specific and complex infertility conditions.  One of the best ways to find a highly specialized infertility practitioner is to ask for referrals from gynecologists or obstetricians. You can also perform an online research of acupuncturists specializing in infertility treatment near your area.

It is also helpful to ask family and friends who might have gone for acupuncture infertility treatment in the past. Support groups are also excellent sources of information in finding the right practitioner for your specific problem.  It is not difficult to find a practitioner who specializes in infertility treatment as there are literally millions of people in the United States suffering from this condition and a lot of licensed acupuncturists offering their services to these people. Besides the aforementioned sources, you can go to online infertility forums, the nearest hospital or the website of an accredited acupuncture association to help you find what you are looking for.

These days, several infertility counselors and doctors are likely to know acupuncturists who specialize in fertility acupuncture.

It’s not only your physical body that improves with acupuncture, but your mental health benefits as well as you will be able to cope with highly stressful situations in a much easier way. Helping your body to improve and/or maintain its fertility and overall health can help you conceive and get pregnant much faster and easier.